Novo – Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

We see our patients as individuals

NOVO – Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

It is a Specialized Program to provide services and treatment of substance use or substance-induced disorders for men and women 18 years and older.

In NOVO we see our patients as individuals who suffer a condition that affects all aspects of life.

We begin by addressing emotional and physical needs, followed by a specialized plan in the treatment of substance-related disorders. Our goal is to help our patients know and understand the tools they will need to begin their recovery process.



  • A safe and confidential environment surrounded by nature.
  • A therapeutic environment, support, empathy, dignity, compassion and tranquility.
  • Individualized treatment by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals specialized in substance use treatment.
  • Continuity of care at different levels according to the patient's progress.
  • Education to the caregiver or family member about the condition, in addition to providing alternatives so that they can be integrated into the process of care and recovery.
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Warning Signs

  1. Isolate yourself from society and want to be alone.
  2. Having mood swings, such as euphoria one day and deep discomfort the next.
  3. Feeling trapped or hopeless because of some situation.
  4. Increase the consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Change the normal routine, including eating and sleeping patterns.
  6. Demonstrate personality changes or feel extremely anxious or agitated, especially when you have some of the warning signs mentioned above.