Intensive Therapy Program (IOP) – Treatment of Abuse of Substances Accompanied by Psychiatric Symptoms

Designed for patients and their families

Intensive Therapy Program (IOP) - Treatment Of Abuse Of Substances Accompanied By Psychiatric Symptoms.

This Program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of adults over 18 years of age who experience substance abuse disorders accompanied by psychiatric symptoms.

The IOP Program is directed by a certified addiction advisor. It offers immediate access to a safe and structured environment that allows the client to perform their daily tasks, participate in the program during the afternoon and return home while maintaining a relationship with their family or their significant person.

Treatment components:

  • Psycho-educational group therapy
  • Follow-up doping tests
  • Therapeutic sessions guided by an addiction counselor
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Materials and discussion guides
  • Emphasis on the concept of addiction disease
  • Symptom management of mental health disorders
  • Focus on sharing and feedback

The program is offered in our outpatient facilities located around the island.

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Señales de Alerta

  1. Aislarse de la sociedad y querer estar solo.
  2. Tener cambios de humor, como euforia un día y desazón profunda el siguiente.
  3. Sentirse atrapado o sin esperanzas a causa de alguna situación.
  4. Aumentar el consumo de drogas o bebidas alcohólicas.
  5. Cambiar la rutina normal, incluidos los patrones de alimentación y sueño.
  6. Manifestar cambios de personalidad o sentirse extremadamente ansioso o agitado, en especial cuando se tienen algunos de los signos de advertencia que se mencionaron con anterioridad.