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Admissions Process

The process begins with an individualized, private and confidential evaluation, which includes medical examination and psychosocial history. The result of these evaluations is used by an interdisciplinary team as the basis for designing the treatment plan for each person, whether adult, adolescent or child. Situations such as:

  • Dependence on alcohol or other drugs
  • Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia
  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • Behavioral changes associated with violence or aggressiveness
  • Family problems

After the evaluation, a recommendation will be made on the level of care most appropriate for the person based on their particular needs. It could be a visit to an outpatient mental health professional, or some daily outpatient therapy program (partial hospitalization) or a complete hospitalization.

What to expect after the evaluation?

A recommendation to the program according to your needs, whether it is an outpatient or full hospitalization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Warning Signs

  1. Isolate yourself from society and want to be alone.
  2. Having mood swings, such as euphoria one day and deep discomfort the next.
  3. Feeling trapped or hopeless because of some situation.
  4. Increase the consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Change the normal routine, including eating and sleeping patterns.
  6. Demonstrate personality changes or feel extremely anxious or agitated, especially when you have some of the warning signs mentioned above.